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Cadbury Chocolate Fundraiser

This year each family will be selling a box of chocolates. With 130 boxes to get through this makes the club $3900 profit. This money helps to pay for new equipment, getting the ovals marked and other general fees. Thanks to all of you for getting involved.

NEW! 12g-15g Freddo, Strawberry, Milky Top & Caramello Koala 2 for $1.00

NEW! Freddo & Friends now available in smaller portions ranging from 12g-15g

Freddo Cadbury Dairy Milk, Strawberry, Milky Top & Caramello Koala 2 for $1.00

Contains a mix of:

40x 12g Freddo
40x 15g Caramello Koala
20x 15g Freddo Strawberry
20x 12g Freddo Milky Top

Made with sustainably sourced Cocoa Life cocoa

NEW! Cadbury Freddo & Friends Box.png
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