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To keep player registration costs as low as possible, community-based Clubs such as ours must undertake a range of fundraising activities each year. Each season we need to replace numerous items to ensure we maintain a safe and professional Club. Our expenses range from small – whistles and nail scissors, to large – team sets of footy jumpers (upwards of $1000).

We also need to replace goal post padding (and goal posts) and, of course, footballs. Our Club officials complete Coaching and Umpiring courses and are also provided with smart polos to ensure they are easily recognisable and look great when representing our Club.

Our first fundraiser for the season will be the Cadbury boxed chocolates drive. Each family will be provided with a box of 120 50 cent chocolates to sell. (There is an opt-out option – please talk to your team manager about making a $30 Club donation in lieu of selling chocolates.)

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